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Supplier within the meaning of Section 6 German Teleservices Act (German TDG) and Section 2 German Distance Selling Regulations (German 'Fernabsatzgesetz'):



Am Höchsten 3
53949 Dahlem


Managing Director: Gerd Klinkhammer, Achim Heintges

Commercial Register No: HRB 7249, Amtsgericht Düren, Germany

International Tax ID No: DE 815 626 824

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Legal information for competitors, cease and desist letters, patent agents and lawyers:


If you think there is a problem in terms of competition law, please contact us early either by phone, fax, e-mail or regular mail (contact data see above) in order to avoid unnecessary litigation and related costs. By doing so, you comply with your legal obligation to avert, minimise and mitigate loss. Any invoices, e.g. for a cease and desist letter from a lawyer without previous contact with VISION TEC will be rejected as unreasonable in the sense of duty for damage mitigation. If you still consider it necessary to address us regarding legal issues, please send your correspondence directly to our law office:

Jasperallee 29

38102 Braunschweig/Brunswick, Germany


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